We discover Top Down and Bottom up at the same time, and also manage intensively on the company featured core-technology
by cooperating with Start-up Developement Consortium. And we invest when it's able to industrialize.

T-Investment is a promising venture capital with an average IRR of 30% or more, based on employees' experience in the industry, finance, and investment.
We will do our best to value-up Korea as an industrial powerhouse.



  • Taewhoon Kim

    VC, PE Investment in ICT, Materials&Parts, Bio etc.

    • • Team Manager (Director) in Private Equity Dept. at SK Securities Corp.
    • • Team Manager in Private Equity/Principal Investment Dept. at Shinhan Investment Corp.
    • • Director of Korea Technology Investment Corporation (Current SBI Investment)

Investment Division I

  • Hyungkyu Lim
    Head of Investment Division 1

    VC Investment in ICT, Media, and Contents

    • • Managing Director, Head of Investment Division at ID Ventures
    • • Director of Daegyeong Investment
    • • Director of Korea Technology Investment Corporation (Current SBI Investment)
    • • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Jieun Lee
    Team Manager

    Investment in Bio, pharmaceutical, HealthCare, etc.

    • • Lindeman Asia Investment
    • • Osong KBIO
    • • Samsung Bioepis
    • • Samsung Techwin
  • Dongjun Kim
    Team Manager

    Investment in ICT, AI, Contents and Game, etc.

    • • Manager in NCSOFT, AI Center

Investment Division II

  • Jisoo Choi
    Head of Investment Division II

    VC Investment in Materials, Parts, Equipment and ICT etc.

    • • Head of PE Investment Division at SKS Private Equity
    • • Team Manager (Director) in Private Equity Dept. at SK Securities Corp.
    • • Principal Research Engineer in Kyobo Securities Research Center
    • • Assistant Manager in Battery Business Division at LG Chem
    • • Assistant Manager in Device Solutions at Samsung Electronics
  • Ildong Yoon
    Team Manager

    Investment in ICT, Contents, and Bio, etc.

    • • Manager in Finance Investment Division at Shinyoung Securities Corp.
    • • CPA in Deloitte Korea
    • • KICPA
  • Sekwang Park
    Team Manager

    VC Investment in Materials, Parts, Equipment and ICT, etc.

    • • Posco Capital VC Manager
    • • Deloitte Korea Consultant
    • • Mirae Asset Daewoo Beijing Entity Manager

Planning Management Office

  • Jongmin Woo
    Head of Planning Management Office

    • • Team Manager in Finance Dept. at S-Energy
    • • Manager in Principal Investment, Finance Dept. at Shinhan Investment Corp.
  • Minju Kim
    Team Manager

    Management Planning/Financial Management/Investment Management

    • • GMB Investment, Management planning, Fund Management
    • • Fn Pricing alternative Asset, Alternative Investment Evaluation
    • • Truston Asset Management
  • Jihyun Seo
    Assistant Manager

    Management Planning/Financial Management/Investment Management

Risk Management Office

  • Sihyeong Bae
    Head of Risk Management Office

    • • ROWE Partners
    • • LEO Partners Investment
    • (Pre. SM Contents Investment)

Compliance Team

  • Seonmin Kim
    Team Leader

    • • AICPA
    • • Heungkuk Asset Management
    • • FnPricing


Selection of Investment Sectors

“Selecting key investment sectors in the fourth industry with high growth potential”
“Finding a promising enterprise to value up and to foster unicorn companies”

  • AI / Robotics

    • As personalized devices such as personal computers and smartphones increase, machine learning becomes active due to a rapid increase in data accumulation
    • With the full-fledged beginning of a digital transformation society Artificial intelligence and robot technology will become the core in fields such as medical care, automobiles, and finance
  • Fintech

    • Innovative industry that brings great changes to existing industries and society by enabling low-cost transactions without intermediaries
    • One of the core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the infrastructure technology that enables hyperconnectivity and strengthens superintelligence
  • 5G

    • The core technology represented by Smart City. 5G's high-speed, hyper-connected, high capacity.
    • A key area of the future network that can accommodate rapidly growing data in mobile/IoT/autonomous driving and make milliseconds of decisions
  • Biotech/Digital Healthcare

    • As an optimal field of innovative start-ups, the bio-industry is a key industry for future creative innovation that is believed to lead the global economy after the Industrial Revolution and the Information and Communication Revolution


Investment Strategy

Combining Top-down and Bottom-up approach
Focus on investment in companies with core technologies

Top Down

Figure out technology trends using major forums and seminars to discover leading companies in each field.

  • Analysis of macro-industry environment and paradigm shifts
  • Analysis of growth prospects and management asset
  • Analysis of technology trends and ripple effects

Bottom Up

Discovering enterprises through continuous network activities with business groups, related ministries, accelerators, angel investors, etc.

  • Business group: SK Group, Megazone Cloud, Celltrion, Seoul Semiconductor, Carver Korea, With Innovation, Haesung Optics, Red Sahara, Ecopro, Bonne, etc.
  • Accelerator: D-Camp, Schmidt, Lotte, New Paradigm, etc.

Professional Network

Business Groups

Major Companies :
SK, Hanwha, Aekyung, etc.
SMEs :
Celltrion, Megazone Cloud, Ecopro, JW Life Science, Korea Asset Pricing, L&F, Moleem, Hugel, Genematrix, Younghwa Tech, Glotech, Woosung IB, etc.
Venture Companies :
BTC Korea, iMedicom, B2Link, YLab, GenBody, Essel-T, Krafton, Tooneed Entertainment, AptaBio, Carvi, Innertron, Red Sahara Studio, Hileben, Zigbang, Nanos, HS Hi-Tech, Tera Tech, W Concept Korea, English Egg, Honeybees, With Innovation, Axceso Biopharma, Carver Korea, Alteogen, TVStorm, etc.

Related Ministries

Domestic and foreign national research institutes such as ETRI, SBA, Regional technopark, Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization, Corporate Investment Information Plaza


  • D-Camp, Schmidt, Lotte Accelerator, Postech Holdings, Korea Science & Technology Holdings etc.


TY Value Corp., Trust Angel Club, Unicorn Angel Club, Creative Angel Club, Honors Angel Club, Regional Angel Club, Universe Angle Club, etc.



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